101 in 1001

Three years seems like enough time to accomplish 101 things, right?

I was inspired by Mackenzie Horan to create my 101 things to do in 1001 days. One thing I love more than writing a list – checking things off.  So as I accomplish these goals*, I’ll keep the list updated here.

Update I // Update II 

(7/15 )

Go back to Italy

Wine tasting in Napa or Sonoma

Go to the Grand Canyon

See Taylor Swift in concert

Reunite with people from my Study Abroad trip

Spend the weekend in Berlin (prev. Helen) for Oktoberfest

Take a girls trip with my mom and sister

Take a spontaneous road trip

Visit 5 new cities and/or towns (5/5 – Tianjin, San Fran, Asheville, Copenhagen, Berlin)

Visit a foreign country

Visit Morgan in Boston

Visit my dad’s family in South Africa

Visit my mom in one of the cities she’s working in

Visit Pig Island

Weekend getaway to Charleston


Accrue at least 100 followers for G&J

Attend a blogging workshop

Create a guide to Atlanta

Get a promotion at work

Learn calligraphy

Learn to code

Start a dinner party series

Switch careers

Take a class on Photoshop

Take photography lessons

Team up with a brand I admire


Complete a no spend month

Complete a random act of kindness each month

Complete an outdoor obstacle course

Drink only water for 2 weeks (no cocktails!)

Find a church in Atlanta

Get a new car

Get a new driver’s license

Give up fried food for 1 month

Go 2 weeks straight without eating out

Have family photos taken

Invest in a piece of art

Learn how to (just barely) play an instrument

Learn to drive a stick

Learn to grill, properly

Leave a 100% tip

Meditate for 5 days straight

Pay it forward in a drive-thru line

Compile all of my mother’s sister’s and mema’s recipes

Read 20 new books (1/20)

Send a just because gift to 5 special people (2/5)

Send a handwritten letter once a month

Start a retirement fund (yikes!)

Take my nieces and nephews on an educational trip

Unplug from the internet for 24 hours (including TV)

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Vote in an election

Wake up by/before 6am for 2 weeks straight

Wake up early and go to Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market

Workout 5 days in a row

Write a children’s book about Maddie and my dad

Write a letter to my future daughter/son

Save $10 for each goal accomplished


Attend 3 concerts with my dad (2/3)

Attend 5 (any kind of) festival in Atlanta

Attend an NFL football game

Babysit a friend’s baby while they go on a date night

Bike the BeltLine

Enjoy a staycation in Atlanta

Get my makeup professionally done

Go on a blind date

Go on a run in Piedmont Park at sunrise

Go see a drive-in movie

Go to a Hawks game

Ask a stranger out

Have a picnic

Host a game night

Inspire someone to make their own “101 in 1001” list

Invest in the perfect pair of black heels

Invest/treat myself to a designer bag

Join an intramural sports team

Learn how to sew

Learn how to tie a tie

Learn to start a fire with the bare minimum

Master at-home floral arrangements

Perfect a multi-course dinner

Plant a lemon tree and keep it alive

[Re]learn French (ie: reach 50% on Duolingo) 😉

Ride a horse

See “Magic Mike” in person

See a show at the FOX

Watch Felicity from beginning to end

Successfully cook a turkey

Tackle a big DIY furniture project with my dad

Take 5 cooking classes (2/5)

Take a pottery class

Throw a successful surprise party

Treat my mom and dad to a nice dinner

Treat myself to a full spa day

Try 40 new restaurants in Atlanta (47/40)

Try a spin glass

Try yoga (again)

Visit a flea market

Visit Zoo Atlanta

Watch 10 documentaries

Watch 3 classics (Gone with the Wind being one of them)


I hope this inspires you to create a list of your own. If I’ve learned one thing in my twenties as that so much can change in a year and now is the time to document. So happy list making. I would love to see what your “goals” are!

xo Bree

*Using goals pretty loosely here, as I’m not sure many people would consider “watch Felicity from start to finish” a goal…