Dinner Party DIY

‘Tis the season for entertaining!


My roomies and I are hosting Friendsgiving at our townhouse this year and we are so excited to gather some of our closest friends at our dinner table. No holiday dinner party is complete without a festive little takeaway and I wanted to gift something special but useful. A dainty Christmas tree ornament fit the bill. This simple “Gold Wishbone” DIY fit the bill, coming in under $10 and only taking about an hour to complete.






What You Need:

  • 2 blocks of white oven bake clay* (I use Sculpy)
  • 1 can of gold spray paint
  • Twine or string


How to:

  • Break off 1/4 of the block of clay.
  • Divide the chunk in half and roll each piece into a ball.
  • Roll the ball into a “snake,” about 8 inches long and an 1/8th of an inch thick.
  • Make a U-shape with your “snake” and pinch each end with your finger.
  • Pinch the connected in together to make the “handle” of the wish bone.
  • Using a toothpick or skewer, poke a hole in the “handle” for you to thread the string.
  • Follow the baking instructions on clay packaging. (usually bake at 275 degrees for 12-15 minutes.)
  • After the wishbones have cooled completely, line a baking sheet with old newspapers and spray paint one side.
  • Let the paint dry completely before flipping each wishbone over to spray paint the side.
  • Use any string of your choice and tie securely.

*14-18 wishbones, depending on size


xo Bree

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