Call Me Old Fashioned

There’s nothing better than a post-golf game whiskey drink to kick off the weekend.


Or so I’ve heard…I don’t play golf, nor do I drink whiskey…but I know someone who does!


Anna’s boyfriend, Brandon, has been talking about making an Old Fashioned since I moved my bar cart into our new kitchen.  So this weekend in celebrating our new home, Stacey’s new job, and the simple fact that it was finally the weekend – we muddled, sipped, and perfected “the first cocktail.”

Old Fashion

A quick google search told me that there are many varieties of this bourbon-based cocktail.  So naturally, we tried them all – Brandon so graciously took on the role as our dependable taste tester.



After a few attempts – we agreed on the following steps:

– Muddle 2 sugar cubes, an orange slide/rind, and a maraschino cherry with 2 dashes of bitters and a dash of water.

– Strain liquid and remove fruit remnants, then add lots of ice.

– Pour in 2 parts bourbon and stir.

– Sip & enjoy!

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC     SONY DSCHow do you make your Old Fashioned?  It’s a craft that’s tricky to perfect, but as long as I have friends that are willing to be my guinea pigs – I’ll keep playing bartender.


Special thanks to Brandon for being such a great sport and model!

xo Bree


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