Me: Moma, what do you want for Mother’s Day?

Brenda: For you to meet a nice boy to settle down with.  And for you to start going to gym.

Mother's Day gift guide

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OKAY, mother.  This is pretty much how every conversation goes.  Usually followed by 20 questions/comments – Have you been taking vitamins? You need to wake up earlier. Your hair looks frizzy. What kind of shampoo are you using?  When is the last time you sat down a made yourself a budget? You have got to stop all this frivolous spending.

God knows I love her and the older I get the more I act like her (so I’ve been told).  The woman swears by French-milled soaps and always reminds me that “your neck is part of your face” when going over her skincare routine.  She likes to lounge in PJs just as much as I do on the weekends and appreciates a good “pocket book organizer.” She’s always traveling (major bag lady) but when she’s home she’s the queen of the kitchen.  I love you, Moma!

Disclaimer: This gift guide is really for my sister, who is the best gift giver of the family and always lets me add my name to the card. 😉 #ImTheBaby

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xo Bree

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