Daddy’s Girl

I’m a daddy’s girl to the core.

…until the last couple of years when I was replaced by a four-legged fluffy ball of joy that goes by the name of Maddie.

A while back I asked my dad a serious question and his response is one of the main reasons I’m always like why do I even bother buying a Father’s Day gift – the man is just as content with watching 60 Minutes, a beer in hand and Maddie on his lap.  No cool tech gadget or tool box organizer will ever measure up to the unconditional love that Maddie gives him.  Not to mention she doesn’t have my spending habits – so it’s a no brainer why she is the favorite daughter of the family.  Nevertheless, every year I try to surprise him with something he normally wouldn’t buy himself (plus, it gives me an excuse to shop 😉 )!

Father's Day Gift Guide

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By the way if you’re wondering what the abovementioned “serious question” was…

I asked him – if our house was burning down and he could only save me or Maddie, who would he save? (I realize this is a ridiculous question and I was totally joking but he was dead serious in his response)

He said: “I would save you of course. <pause> But then I would go back in the burning house and die with Maddie.  Because a life without Maddie isn’t worth living.” END QUOTE. Love you, Daddy!

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xo Bree

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  1. You have the best daddy in the whole world! He’d like the #5 gift, bought him some Jack Black for his b-day… Loves it

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