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Peace out, work week!

| Loving everything about Upbeet’s (West Midtown’s newest eatery) décor |

It’s the first official weekend of summer so Caroline and I are taking a quick trip to Nashville to visit Stacey. I can’t wait to get out of the city for a little bit and escape this June Gloom we’re experiencing here in Atlanta. Here’s to hoping Tennessee can spoil us with a little sunshine!

A must-watch segment from Steve Hartman.

This gorilla showing off his dance moves is exactly what the world needs this week!

Here’s how to turn off your Snap Map on Snapchat, if you don’t want people creeping up on you.

Easy day trips to explore the real south. (Greenville and Birmingham are next on my list!)

Purewow shows the biggest entertaining trends this summer. #Swineapple

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all.


Links, Lately

Happy Friday!

| matching Millers + manis at Thursday night’s Brett Eldredge concert |

I kicked off the weekend a little early in the best way possible. Last night Abbye and I saw one of our favorite musicians ever and are happy to report he’s just as handsome on stage as he is in his snaps. So I’m riding cloud 9 on into the weekend and looking forward to a low-key few days with lots of good company (& drinks)!

[It’s been a while since my last Links, Lately post so I’ve added a few extra stories that I’ve found entertaining this week.]

Miley and Jimmy’s subway performance will for sure brighten your day.  

Here are a bunch of hilarious tweets about the Amazon’s recent Whole Foods purchase.

Surprising read – 19 unsettlingly nice Tom Cruise stories.  

Handmaid’s Tale finaled this week and I needed season 2 like yesterday – I have so many questions!

I’ve lived in Atlanta for 3 years and have an ever-growing list of things to do, try and see – this city guide has motivated me to start checking things off!

Purewow breaks down 9 bizarre city nicknames and their origins.  

I first learned about The Kindness Card Experiment on The Stripe and I’m really hoping something like this will launch in Atlanta!

Lastly, (in honor of Father’s Day) these celeb daddy/daughter duos will give you all the feels.

Have a great weekend! 



Links, Lately

It’s Friday…it’s Cince de Mayo…it’s Friday.

| A snapshot from my Tuesday night dinner at 8arm – this bar is a dream! | 

Welcome to weekend, friends! Hope you’re able to enjoy some bebidas this weekend (I’ve been sharing some inspiration on G&J Facebook page if you need some ideas). 😉

To pass the minutes until we reach happy hour, here are the links for the week…

A round up of the summer’s must-see movies. Pass the popcorn, please.

I could spend an entire day watching 73 Questions on Vogue’s YouTube channel – current fave: Aziz Ansari’s interview.  

My favorite part of the Met Gala are HONY’s photographs and beautiful captions.

Buzzfeed lists 16 times Whole Foods had absolutely no chill – I always find WF coverage so ridiculously funny.

Lastly, if margs aren’t your thing, here are three mint julep recipes for Derby weekend!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Links, Lately

Happy weekend, you guys! 

| freshly fluffed living room for my first house guest in my new place | 

All of our besties are reuniting in Atlanta this weekend for our sweet friends’ wedding reception. Even though we’ve been fortunate enough to see each other pretty often these past few months, we never take for granted our time spent together. I’m looking forward to a few days of relaxation and lots of celebratory champs! Hope you’re weekend is wonderful! 

Here are some (entertaining) stories from the past few weeks…

TIME Magazine shared their 100 Most Influential People list  – always a fascinating read.

Talk about #housegoals – this Sausalito home tour is a dream.

Steve Madden is bringing back these shoes and I’m excited!

Anna Faris live tweeting her pre-red carpet routine looks pretty similar to my getting ready to go out routine (minus the kids, glam squad and hot husband).

A great example of an ad campaign done right.

Links, Lately

Happy Friday, bunnies!

After spending last weekend getting settled and organized in my new apartment, this weekend will be spent on the road – heading south to celebrate some very important people. My youngest, niece Morgan is turning 11 and my sister and I planned the cutest outdoor movie party. (I’ll be sharing the details next week.) Then on Saturday, we’re showering our girl Molly as she gets ready to welcome Baby B into the world. It’s going to be the best kind of busy weekend!

Here are the links for the week …. 

These quotes on New York make me smile and miss the city I once called home. 

Anyone else feeling super sad about GIRLS ending forever? Vogue shares five facts that you may not know. 

Fashion insiders revisit their most regrettable outfitslol.

Ina knows best when it comes to entertaining – definitely bookmarked this post for future reference. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Links, Lately

Long time no see! 


| packed all my weekend getaway essentials – the bride + some light reading | 

Apologies for the radio silence on G&J. Just wanted to catch up on some links before scooting out of town for Allison’s bachelorette weekend. We’re headed to Nashville and I cannot wait to celebrate our soon-to-be-bride!

Here are the links for the (past couple of) weeks…

Tom Hanks has been writing a book of short stories and I can’t wait to read it! 

Old news now, but I can’t stop watching Alex Trebek rap/read these clues.

Since I fancy myself as an amateur mixologist – I’ve made a mental note to follow these rules while at a bar. 

One day I hope to have a pantry full of shit from Amazon that can be like a gift shop for my guests. Is that weird? 

Can you pass this quiz?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends – see you back here on Monday!

Links, Lately

It’s finally February! Pour. Me. A. Drink.

| Did you catch my Valentine-inspired cocktail on Abundantly Alex this week? | 

Am I the only one who felt like January lasted 3 months?! The first weekend of February is a welcome sight because 1. (as previously mentioned) January was long AF and 2. the Super Bowl.  I will always and forever love Tom Brady but come Sunday, I’ll be pulling for the home team. #RiseUp

Here are the links for the week…

Here is your cheat sheet on what to buy and what not to buy at Whole Foods. 

Your go-to guide on where to watch the Super Bowl in Atlanta. 

Accidental google searches is a much needed distraction that we could all use. 

Has anyone ever tried this “happiness-tracking” method?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


Links, Lately

Work week complete – check. 

| my most recent impulse purchase makes my work space a little cuter | 

I’m looking forward to a productive weekend checking off all the miscellaneous items on my to-do list – thank you notes, order contacts, mix up Valentine-themed cocktails – you know… really exciting things. ha. Before the fun starts, here are the links for the week…

Finally Atlanta is getting a chopped-salad establishment (think Chopt meets Sweetgreen) – one of the things I miss most about New York.

Who doesn’t love a good Bachelor conspiracy theory!?

Food and celebs – my two favorite worlds colliding. 

I could watch Vogue’s 73 Questions videos for days – Emma Stone’s is one of my faves. 

Feel good story of the week goes to Dew, a dog who goes on his own adventures. 

Happy weekend, friends! 

Links, Lately

My little corner of the internet is officially two years old!

I’m so grateful to all of you for keeping up with this little hobby of mine. It sure brings me a lot of joy and I hope it does for you too! So, in honor of blogging about (mostly) cocktails for two years – I’m thrilled to host my very first giveaway! Be sure to check back Monday for the details. Spoiler alert – you must be 21 or older to enter. 😉

/ / /

Moving on – I’m spending the weekend with my best girlfriends in Highland, North Carolina for our semi-annual girl’s weekend and cannot wait for some R&R with mountain views. Follow along on Instagram & Snapchat – it’s sure to be entertaining!  I’ll be sharing photos and two tasty recipes from our trip Monday. But in the meantime, here are your links for the week…

Another week, another hilarious Bachelor recap.

Watching this person decorate cookies is deliciously hypnotizing.

Because I’m feeling extra happy and sassy today, this letter should give you all the feels.

TIME rounds up the best memes from the Golden Globes.

Here’s every avocado hack you will ever need to know. You’re welcome.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! See you back here on Monday.

Links, Lately

All eyes are on Atlanta. 

| last weekend’s wall decor – I love a good mylar champagne bottle. |

Which can only mean one thing – a snow storm” is in our near future. By snow storm, I mean maybe 2 inches that will melt within hours of touching down. Either way, this frosty weather will shut down the city which leaves me no other option but to drink bottles on bottles of wine and watch Netflix under my coziest blanket.

Here are the links for the week…

The best tweets from Monday’s episode of The Bachelor. 

<insert praise hand emoji> for Viola Davis’ Walk of Fame speech

White House photog, Peter Souza shares his favorite photos from 2016. Would it be weird if I framed the one of President Obama and George Clooney? It’s just too good. 

Exciting news re: Nordstrom’s beauty department!

Don’t forget to set your dVR’s – the Golden Globes are Sunday. 🙂 

To all my dear Atlantans – stay warm, y’all. 

Links, Lately

Friday is here and I find it rather serendipitous that FedEx delivered my first wine club shipment today.


| cc: Larson Family Winery |

It’s like the universe knew that I needed a case of wine after the kind of week I just had. So thank you, universe (& Larson Family Winery). Here are the links for the week…

These Jobama memes have provided some much needed comic relief.

Purewow shows us some nifty ways to pack our beauty products (binder clips over razors – lifechanging!).

One of my favorite bloggers made a huge announcement today! Very excited to see what Hallie has in store for us.

Airline secrets that no one has ever told you.

Lastly,  if you need some inspiration for your Thanksgiving tablescape, check out last year’s post on our Friendsgiving dinner!

Happy weekend, lovelies!

xo Bree

Links, Lately

I’m back on east coast time this weekend (San Fran recap coming soon!) but I’m still missing the California weather … and wine.


| Words of wisdom truth complimentary of last Thursday’s dinner menu @ Black Cat

While this week went by slower than I would have liked, we made it to Friday. Now there is just a full inbox of emails and some light paperwork between me and the Adele concert tonight – it’s going to be a good one, you guys!

Here are the links I’ll be skimming as I ride MARTA to downtown later today 😉 …  

My new favorite NY Mag series, I Like This Bitch’s Life

Where the (ATL) bartenders drink – Jeff Banks edition.

The perfect Buzzfeed article to waste 5 minutes and get a couple of LOL’s in.

The one thing you should never purchase from Ikea.

The cupcakes & cashmere team’s Halloween costumes are so on point.

Keeping with the theme, I’m giving major heart eyes to Saffron Avenue’s Halloween décor. I will definitely be stepping up my game next year.

Let us take a moment to say goodbye to Vine by watching the greatest Vines of all time (or since 2013). 

Hope you have wonderful weekend, friends!

xo Bree

Links, Lately

Hello from San Francisco!


| I could people watch all day in Dolores Park |

I’ve only been on the west coast for about 24 hours and I’ve already fallen in love. This weather is everything. I’ve always been an east coast girl but Californians are really leaving an impression. With it being my first time in San Fran, I have quiet the agenda of things to see, eat and explore while I’m here, so feel free to send any must-do recommendations my way. 🙂 

Let’s kick off the weekend with the links for the week …  

Frivolous spending at its finest – Neiman Marcus released their Fantasy Gifts Guide. I’ll take one of everything. #InMyDreams

Ummm Pineapple Jack-o’-Lanterns are my new favorite thing.

Caramel-filled M&M’s is exactly our world needs right now. Anybody else stress eating through this election?

Speaking of, this letter makes me miss the good ‘ol days.

Not sure how I feel about this email etiquette update.

Ending on a high note – #MomTexts for the win!

It’s going to be a wine-soaked weekend* for this girl, hope yours is just as great!

xo Bree

*Follow my travels on Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Links, Lately

Let’s just skip the day and head straight to happy hour, shall we?


| Butcher & Bee // Charleston, South Carolina 9.18.16 | 

It’s been a beautiful week in Atlanta and I’m ready for an even better weekend. I plan on soaking up the fall weather via tailgating and finally enjoying a weekend at home after traveling the past few weeks.  To keep you busy in the meantime – here are the links for the week…

Do you judge an Instagram feed by its cover?

Adding these 10 new Atlanta restaurants to my ever-growing list. 

Remember my candy + beer pairing post last fall? PureWow shares their candy + wine pairings picks – brb headed to the wine aisle!

Reese Witherspoon is expanding her southern brand and my coffee table and I couldn’t be more excited. 😉 

I’ll always love avocado toast, but these toppings look too good not to try. 

Here’s to two days of unplugging and over indulging! Happy Friday, friends. 

xo Bree

Links, Lately

It’s been one doozy of a week, y’all.


| Nikki Santerre Photography |

I spent last weekend in Virginia celebrating The Davis’ nuptials and had a little too much fun. I cannot wait to share photos and details from Meredyth and Adam’s wedding in the coming weeks!

Well, a busy weekend was followed by an even busier week which led to some neglect on G&J – sorry, guys. I’m traveling again this weekend but plan to get all caught up on cocktails and fall frills, so look forward to the fun posts to come. In the meantime, here are the links (read: mostly videos) for the week…

Who could ever send a Mean Tweet about Ryan Gosling!?

James Corden running next to Usain Bolt is everything. 

Still recovering from the went Brangelina split and still combing over theories

Please, someone, give Tom Brady, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon a show. Boston breeds ’em right. 

Pumpkin spice isn’t really my thing, but this video is. 

Happy Friday – see you in October! 😉 

xo Bree