Dorm Decor

Whether you’re 18 or 28 – everyone can always use a lacquer tray or a storage ottoman, amiright? 

My oldest niece is starting college on Monday and while visiting her dorm this week, I became surprisingly nostalgic about my collegiate days. It also got me thinking about how my home décor style has evolved over the past 10 years (thank God it did). Though I’ve toned down the DIY accents and completely ditched all of the sorority memorabilia, I do think there are a few accessories that can be carried over from college to post-grad living.

Dorm Decor

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I wouldn’t necessarily call these items timeless, but more so transferable. They function in a cramped dorm room but could also follow you to your first post-grad bachelorette pad – if you can keep up with them, that is. 😉


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