For The Hostess

Chances are you’re headed to Thanksgiving dinner or have a holiday party in the near future and with these social engagements come hostess gifts. While candles, wine, and flowers are all excellent choices – I wanted to share a few less obvious options. 

Have a friend who loves a good Netflix binge?  Get them the cozy blanket. Does your aunt treat preparing a charcuterie like an Olympic sport? A “cheese protractor” will be her new favorite kitchen gadget. Does the hostess literally have everything? I bet they don’t have a pillow with a reindeer smoking a pipe on it!  

Whatever their fancy, these 7 gifts will please any host…


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //  5 //  6 // 7

For more inspiration, check out my summer hostess gift guide

xo Bree

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