Gimme Some Sugar

Anytime I plan a party – I start with the cocktail selection and then the party favors.


It’s all about the details, you guys.

Not all parties need a little takeaway but I think wedding showers always deserve a little token of appreciation. For Caroline’s kitchen shower that we hosted back in May, I wanted to give something to match the kitchen motif.

Infused sugars and salts are the ideal DIY gift because you can make large batches for a very little cost. When crafting for a crowd – practicality is key. The process takes a few days but the steps are easy … I promise!





Step x Step
1. Choose your infusions – fresh citrus, savory seasons, or even the classic cinnamon + sugar combinations always work.

2. Mix two parts infusion with three parts sugar. This measurement is totally flexible depending on the flavor level you want to achieve.

3a. For dry ingredients (like cinnamon), it’s simple. Add in your seasoning, mix well and store in an air tight container.

3b. For any infusions with moisture (like citrus or ginger), there are a few extra steps…

4. Zest, chop or crumble your infusion in a bowl of sugar. Pack in an airtight container and let sit for 6 hours or overnight. The longer the better!


5. The next day you will notice the sugar is clumpy and moist.  Spread out the mixture onto a backing sheet and let it sit out overnight.


6. The next day the mixture should be completely dry and hard but still clumpy. Next, you’ll want to remove most of the infusions – strips of rind or chunks of ginger. *It’s okay if you don’t remove every little piece because it will just get mixed in the blender.

7. The last step before packaging, you’ll dump the dried sugar mixture into a blender and pulse until all of the clumps have been pulverized and the sugar is back to a sandy powder.

8. Distribute into jars or small airtight container you wish.

9. Adorn with some ribbon and a tag and you’re all set! *For the tags, I added a short list of things that the sugar would go well with – just for a little culinary inspiration. 😉


Looking for a short cut? If you don’t have time to infuse your own sugars, you can always find some at specialty store – Beautiful Briny Sea is a personal fave and local to Atlanta.

xo Bree

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