G&J’s First Fan

My bff and first follower of G&J is leaving me for Nashville. <insert sobbing emoji here>

Even though we’re consciously uncoupling and I’m so excited for her next chapter – I’m really, really going to miss her.  

Quick background – Stacey and I have been friends for 9 years. We met in college, bonded while working at Boardwalk in Valdosta (& over pitchers of beer at Charley O’s) and became super close when we moved in together our junior year. Since then, we both had stints in New York (& in PR) and when she made the move to Atlanta 2 years ago, I was estatic to have my best friend as my roomie again.

| This is the day she moved to New York and I remember crying when I was walking to meet her at Shake Shack because I was beside myself excited that I would finally have a friend in the City. |  

I don’t know what I’m going to do without my bestie and in-house food critic. I can always count on her to try any of my recipes (& give me honest feedback). She never judges me when I schlep bar tools from the kitchen to our deck to shoot posts (usually in my pajamas) and always lends her well-manicured hands for a photo (evidence below).

So in honor of Stacey’s big move – I thought I would recap all the times she helped me/starred in this little passion project of mine.


Remember when she taught us how to master the store-bought flower arrangements?

I’m always thankful for her honesty, like when she tried my zucchini brownies and informed me that my secret ingredient was zucchini and I wasn’t that sneaky…

The girl can roast one hell of a chicken and my future husband will thank her one day 😉

Her green thumb kept our deck flourishing all summer

I’ll miss her most on Saturday’s (our favorite day) when she would make me the best avocado toast and bacon breakfasts.

She loves beauty products just as much as I do and I will always look to her for recommendations.

Last but certainly not least, one of my favorite memories from living in our townhome was when we threw our first dinner party for her 25th birthday.  

Stace – I know you will only be 4 hours away and 1 hour behind – but it’s going to be quiet in Atlanta without ya!


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