Big Wooly Mammoth

After perfecting this cocktail recipe, I debated on renaming my blog to Jalapeño Vodka & Jewels.


Gin will always be my favorite, but this homemade jalapeño vodka is life changing.


Don’t worry, I realize how ridiculous I sound.


The Big Wooly Mammoth is one of the best drinks I’ve ever enjoyed. The recipe comes from my favorite restaurant back home – Two Friends (editor’s note: The establishment was renamed Friends Bar + Grille a couple of years ago but I will forever and always call it Two Friends).


My sister and I enjoyed lunch there last time I was home and I made a mental note to recreate the Big Wooly Mammoth as soon as possible.

Big Wooly Mammoth


1.5 oz of jalapeño -infused vodka | 1.5 oz of mango simple syrup | .5 oz fresh lemon juice*

top off with sprite or tonic, optional


 | drinkware: camille coupes |


Home for the Weekend (32)

Friends Bar + Grille is run by an amazing team of locals who never disappoint – brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and dessert – I could hang out there all day.  Their menu is full of fresh dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients.  Which is easy to come by in Atlanta but back down south you’re plagued with chain restaurants and frozen food cooked in a fryer so Two Friends stands out big time.  Their beverage program is led by a great friend, Justin Stephens – he knows the importance of a well-crafted cocktail and house-infused spirits and for that I am ever so grateful.

*I actually texted Justin’s wife, Kyndal, to confirm the measurements because as much as I love curating my own recipes this one is too good to mess up!

Cheers to fall!

xo Bree

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