Lavender Lemon Collins

This cocktail is dedicated to all the men and women who got shit done working on the I-85 bridge.

Cheers – y’all rock.

If you’re a fellow Atlantan, you’ve probably been complaining about traffic more than usual with the bridge collapse. As of Saturday, the bridge has officially reopened, meaning we can dial back on the road rage while traffic returns to its normal level of being unbearable. 😉

Speaking of traffic… I once spent an entire Saturday driving from Lowes to L’Occitane to Whole Foods to Home Depot to another Whole Foods trying to track down lavender. #Priorities. I was making infused-sugars for a shower and was determined to have a lavender option. My efforts were to no avail…I guess lavender was out of season? But ever since I’ve always kept my eyes peeled when shopping.  

So you can only imagine my reaction when I saw potted lavender outside of Trader Joes a few weeks ago. I think I actually squealed (embarrassing, I know). I scooped up one without hesitation and have since been trying to keep it alive (it’s not too hard) with intentions to make a cocktail.   

This cocktail is super dainty and gin-lovers dream. The light floral flavor of the lavender syrup and tartness of the lemonade sing together beautifully! Scroll down for the recipe.  

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