Month In Review: October

I say this every year, but how is it already November?

We only have 7 more Fridays between now and Christmas! Let the panic set in, people.

While October flew by, I’ve been wanting to mix things up a bit from my regular Friday posts (which admittingly have been lacking recently, apologies!) So in lieu of this week’s Links, Lately, I’m sharing a month in review – a look back at some fun times, good finds and exciting happenings from the past 31 days.

10.1 // Kicked off the October in Copenhagen & Berlin with my best friend and favorite travel buddy, Morgan.

10.8 // Showered our favorite couple – Anna & Brandon (a pre-celebration to Anna’s upcoming bachelorette weekend!) These wine glasses are my go-to wedding gift and they’re on sale right now.

10.10 // Got to see one of my closest friends launch her brand and new website – her art is ridiculously beautiful.

10.12 // Met Gray Malin at his book signing at Waiting on Martha Home (a must visit!).

10.17 // Started (& finished) a new podcast – Dirty John – it was so good.

10.20 // Took an unforgettable trip to New York with my dad to see Bruce on Broadway – which was incredible.

10.25 // Celebrated the launch of Frida Kahlo Beauty and the limited-edition collection of beautiful brushes (available exclusively on Amazon)!

10.26 // Rang in 28 with my best friends with dinner & drinks at Bar Mercadococktail reco: Tomato King.

10.31 // Participated in our annual work Halloween costume contest. While I was dressed as a bottle of champagne, Abbye’s Dwight costume was the office favorite.

/ / / 

Here’s to November and all the holiday madness that’s soon to ensue! Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

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