Orange You Glad

Blood oranges may no longer* be in season… 

But that doesn’t deter me from making this citrus-centered cocktail!

It seems like every part of the country is experiencing a heat wave. So while it’s easy to sit in front of the fan to keep cool, I find it more fun to indulge in a cold (& boozy) beverage.  If I’m going to shvitz, I may as well do so while tipsy. Amiright?

Served in a highball glass and over lots of ice, this citrus and mezcal combination is a dream team for all cocktail lovers. Scroll down for the recipe!

| recipe

Stay cool, Atlanta! 

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*Don’t let the fact that blood oranges aren’t in season keep you from enjoying a citrusy libation. I live for this blood orange Italian soda found at Trader Joes. San Pellegrino is another great alternative! 

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